June 2016 event at the Apex Waterloo Hotel

Thank you to everyone that came along to our event on the 16th at the Apex Waterloo hotel. For those of you that couldn’t make it: The venue was fabulous-staff couldn’t have done enough for us and the catering was out of this world! Office Angels joined us with their very own stall, offering anyone CV and employment advice. The ladies from Office Angels couldn’t have been nicer and really got involved with the networking.

Our attendees were treated to a talk from the CEO of Venture Trust, Amelia Morgan. Amelia is a fantastic boss and a real ambassador for personal development. Over her career she has worked with 6 PAs and 2 of them have went on to become award winners. Amelia contributed to this by really encouraging personal growth and asking her PAs to take on development, not only to better themselves but to make them assets to their company. Amelia also covered the steps to take when discussing your development with your boss and achieving positive outcomes. We will be happy to share these slides with our members.
We were then treated to a talk from Amy Smith (Edinburgh PA committee member), as she took us through the Scottish PA Network event and awards. Amy gave us a walk through of the speakers on the day and the information she took away from this. She also covered the awards and how our other committee member (Sally Lloyd) took home the well deserved crown for Scottish PA of the year!!

Afterwards we had a round table networking section. We laid out questions on each table to really encourage all our members to talk amongst themselves and find things they had in common. All awhile we snacked (more like dined) on the delicious catering provided by the Apex Waterloo. We are talking – mini burgers with a vegi option, wraps, mini fish and chips, milkshakes and a desert tray that can only be described as chocolate heaven!

It was a great night had by all and as always we had the second to none Pauline and Gary from Conference Care by our side – helping us create these brilliant events from start to finish.

One thought on “June 2016 event at the Apex Waterloo Hotel

  1. thank you for this summer of the event and sorry I could not be there. If would be great to have a copy of the presentation . Many thanks!


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